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Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

Bed partners and other people in the household are a great source of information in identifying and reporting sleep apnea and snoring.  They are the ones who really notice someone’s loud and persistent snoring either accompanied by prolonged episodes of silence and gasping or just constant rhythmic snoring. Ask your household members what it sounds like when you are asleep.  You may be surprised!


Episodes may include restless legs syndrome where the patient feels an urge to move their legs

accompanied by an unpleasant feeling in their legs.  The symptoms are worse during the evening

and during periods of rest.


If you suffer from sleep apnea, common symptoms include:


• excessive tiredness during the waking hours, including immediately after waking up

•  irritability

• high blood pressure

• the tendency to doze off while at work, driving or even during conversations

• sexual dysfunction

• depression

• high blood pressure

• heart attack

• stroke


Sleep apnea is a main predictor of coronary artery disease after smoking, severe obesity and